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At Upkloud, We help you set up your PPC Basic Silver Plan campaigns by setting up and optimizing killer PPC campaigns. With my campaigns, you will get more sales, improved ranking, and decreased advertising costs and budget.

Are you looking to boost your Amazon sales with ads but dont know where to start? Or Are you looking to bring costs down and start turning big profits?

Highlighted below are the key elements of my successful PPC ADS Management:

-Audit and recommendations (Assessment & Budgeting)

-Detailed keyword research using Jungle Scout and Helium 10

-Creating multiple PPC ad campaigns (Products, Video, Brands, Display)

-Structuring highly convertible ad groups (Keywords and ASINs Targeting)

What you will Get:

-Examining ad reports

-Subtracting and adding keywords

-Biding adjustments

-Negative KWs implements

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC refers to pay-per-click advertising on the Amazon platform. It allows Amazon Sellers to run ads for their products directly on Amazon search results & competitor listing pages to drive customers to their product pages.

For the average Amazon seller without brand registry, there are 3 different types of ads:

Product Display – choose which competitor product pages your ads show up on

Search – choose which search results pages your ads will show up on. If you are selling a cheese grater you may run ads on the search term “cheese grater stainless steel.”

Remarketing – show ads to shoppers who have interacted with your brand before

Amazon product ads are much more effective than Facebook Ads or Google Ads simply because they are only shown to people already shopping on Amazon and in the act of looking for products to buy.

How much does Amazon PPC cost?

You may be wondering how much to spend on amazon PPC, and the answer will vary depending on a brand’s goals.

Silver Plan Management fee 500/Month | Basic Plan which is Good start for Single-ASIN Sellers , Up to $1,500/month Ad Spend( client pay for it) ,Competitor & Keywords Analysis

Gold Plan  Management fee 1450/ Month | Starter Plan which Ideal for brands just getting started for 3 ASINs - Up to $5,000/month Ad Spend ( client pay for it) ,Competitor & Keywords Analysis

Platinum  Plan  Management fee 2500/month | ready to Scale Let us take your Amazon products to the next level. We will help you reach more customers, more efficiently. Up to $10,000/month Ad Spend ( client pay for it),Competitor & Keywords Analysis

Elite Plan Management fee 5000/month  | Ideal for established growth brands We will manage everything Amazon including ppc ad campaigns, SEO, amazon listing services, facebook posts, amazon stores, and more. Up to $200,000/month Ad Spend,Daily Recap Reports, Amazon DSP

Drive sales and maximize the visibility of your products with Upkloud Management Group's optimization and intelligence software for Amazon Ads. Create, launch and optimize Sponsored Ads in seconds with Amazon advertising software.


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