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At Upkloud, We are more than Just Amazon Management Agency, We’re you Strategic partner in navigating the complex and dynamic World of Amazon. With Out Expertise More than 13 years. We Focus on Private Label Services. Our Exquisite Private Label Automation, Branding, Amazon PPC to dive your brand to the Next Level.


Step 1: Fill Out Request Quote Form
Unlock Success: Your Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Private Label Domination
Step 2: Waiting for Email Confirmation
Step 4: We send you Business Proposal
Step 5: We will email client for the the contract then client sign the contract Online and make payment
Step 6: We email you the client portal detail so client can upload document and chat to us anytime and we start working on client project
Step 7: We will make time line and update you weekly basis in client portal of what we have done for client.
Step 8: We will assign Project Manger for your project. He /She follow up Call with Client Every Week. You can contact or reach Project manager by Whatapp group

Streamline Operations

Ensuring Your Success - At Upkloud, your Amazon success holds prime importance. Align with us for not just service, but a dedicated team passionately working towards your brand's growth and profitability, offering a client-centric approach. Our services offer efficiency so you can focus on business growth

Amazon FBA Private Label

Private Label Automation

From product research to full brand development, Upkloud provides full-service Amazon and Ecommerce private label solutions for start up Seller to get even more Sales or Established Seller who want to build their own brand. We will ask question from questionnaire for writing business plan, Product research, Build, Operate, and Scale your private label brand from the ground up. Sit back and relax and watch your Amazon app for your order.

In a private label business, sellers usually sell products sourced from third-party manufacturers under their own brand. With private labels, sellers have complete control of the product. They can customize it with unique brand logos, packaging, and labels. Additionally, they can control the products’ pricing, marketing, and advertising activities.

On the other hand, Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. In this solution, Amazon handles the entire
fulfillment process. This means sellers don’t have to worry about storing, packing, shipping, or customer service. They just send products to Amazon’s warehouses, and Amazon takes care of the rest.

Why should you sell private label products on Amazon?

However, if you do, some excellent benefits await you. Given below are some of them:

Benefit 1: You own your brandYou own your private label brand 100%. That means you can make all business decisions independently, It gives long-term momentum to your profits and ensures business stability.

Benefit 2: There are no brand restrictions. If you intend to resell items from other brands, Amazon may limit you under its Brand Gating feature for counterfeit management. You must
have explicit approval from these brands to sell their products.

Benefit 3: You get more opportunities on Amazon. If you sell private label products under your own brand on
Amazon, many opportunities open up for you. These include access to Brand
Registry, Sponsored Brands, Amazon Storefront, Amazon Live, Virtual Bundles,
Amazon Attribution, Amazon Brand Analytics, and more.

Benefit 4: You can customize your products It puts you ahead of your competition and helps you create
an excellent product.

Benefit 5: Boost profit margins Since you’re sourcing your products directly from a
manufacturer or supplier, you have control over the COGS (Costs of Goods Sold).
Upkloud can negotiate the best prices and terms.

Benefit 6: Get more conversions using EBC A+ content. If you sell private label products on Amazon, take full advantage of A+ content or enhanced brand content to improve your brand
awareness and grow sales.

Benefit 7: Easily win the buy box,The Buy Box is located on the right side of the product
page, where customers can click on it to buy the product.

Benefit 8: Control your listing. You have complete control over your product listing with your private label brand. You can also offer a diverse range of products that cater to varying consumer demographics and improve your business’s bottom line.


All Done For you

Private Label Automation

8 Steps All Done For you White Label Services

1.            Structure Company & Create Amazon Store

2             Do product research

3             Do Business plan

4             Find a reliable manufacturer

5             Branding & Amazon Brand Approval with Trademark Register with Lawyer

6             Create an Amazon listing with AI & Launch your product

7            Marketing your Product Amazon PPC

8.           Management & Expansion:

Why Invest With Us?

Dedicated to Your Amazon Success

Dedicated to Your Amazon Success - As your strategic partner, UPKLOUD is invested in your Amazon journey. Combining passion with expertise, we navigate the complex Amazon landscape to fuel your growth and secure your brand's prosperity

Expert in Private Label Automation

Streamline your Amazon private label processes with our advanced automation tools. Experience seamless inventory and order management, freeing up valuable time to scale your brand with confidence and precision

Client-Centric Collaboration

At UPKLOUD, we immerse ourselves in your vision and challenges, crafting personalized service plans that evolve with your brand. Our commitment to partnership ensures strategies that resonate with your ambitions

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